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What Has This Pandemic Taught Us About Access Control?

In the last couple of months, the pandemic has changed a lot of things. As we are changing our ways of living and making adjustments over little things, it is becoming increasingly clear that things would never go back the way before.

It is also true for businesses. Pandemic has changed the way businesses handled their visitors. Companies across the world are installing systems like, iLobby visitor management software, to keep their staff as well as visitors safe.

iLobby Visitor Management

In the following section of this article, we have talked about the things that the pandemic taught businesses about their future. Check these lessons before you open the doors of your office to the visitors.

Managing The Health and Safety of Everyone

The pandemic has pointed out how important it is to take care of the health and security of your employees. This has also taught the companies that the traditional logbooks and clipboards for tracking the comings and goings of the visitors would not work anymore. As the virus can spread from the contaminated surface, the companies had to try to limit the physical access in and around their facilities.

The iLobby visitor management system is the sparkling new way to manage the safety and security of your employees and visitors, who would be returning to your office once you open the gates.

The Touchless experience

iLobby Visitor ManagementAs maintaining a safe distance and avoiding touching any contaminated surface is the need of the hour, the requirement of the touchless solutions are at their highest level. Even the tablets that the companies used to gather information about the visitors are being used differently.

The smart visitor management systems are enabling the companies to collect the information about the visitors through touchless methods like scanning QR codes, facial recognition or even a wave of the hand.

The best thing about the smart visitor management system is that the manufacturers are stepping up to meet the challenges thrown by the pandemic every day. Along with bringing the perfect touchless system to the companies, the visitor management system is also ensuring the safety and health needs of the offices and production sites across the world.

Visitor Data Need to be Accessible and Protected

To put a leash on the spread of the disease, companies are shunning their traditional system of visitor management and embracing the smart new iLobby Visitor Management system. Along with saving the data of the visitors in an organized manner, the smart system is also working hard to protect it. Some of the visitor management systems are being able to screen the information provided by the visitor to analyze the risks of contact tracing.

This is where the integration between the visitor management system and the access control can reduce the time gap and helps you to contain a possible outbreak easily. The visitor management system uses the stored information to send alerts to your and health officials so that you can take preemptive actions.

Along with making us think about the condition of global health, the pandemic has also forced us to rethink the usage of visitor management systems in the workplace. This change is the need of the hour. If every company embraces the change and starts to use a visitor management system, only then we might be able to protect the safety and health of our employees as well as the community.