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Welcome back to the “new and improved” Tutorial site.
Having written about my “epiphany” regarding the management of the tutorials in the MX Developers Journal, it is nice to see that, at last, order has been brought to the chaos that is my tutorial site.

Having just about wrapped up my new book – Foundation Flash 8 Video for friendsofED – I am starting to post quite a few tutorials examining this fascinating subject. There have been quite a few added over thefew months. Here are just a few:


Streaming Media in Flash
This 15-week course is designed to expose you to the power and functionality of streaming media in Flash CC4. Starting with encoding a video, you will be shown how to build a variety of projects ranging from a very basic player to a fully interactive streaming video presentation. Much of what you will build in this course will “stream” into Flash from files located on your web server.

As you move through this course you will be shown a lot of technique and code. We will start with basic functionality and then each subsequent lesson or technique presented will build upon the skills you have developed. Though much of this course will involve the use of Flash’s programming language- ActionScript 3.0- the focus will be on the fundamentals such as Sound,Video and XML objects as well as functions and variables.

By the end of this course, you will have received a solid grounding in streaming media in Flash and be able to create Rich Media Applications that demonstrate your Flash skills.

Welcome to Multimedia Design’s Companion web site.

This 15-week course is designed to challenge your preconceptions regarding New Media and to force you to think about New Media in an entirely new way.
Video Captioning
Multimedia Design’s
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